Skip the links and challenge your friends to one of these Airgun Golf™ games.

Caddy Hack

The caddy keeps picking a different gun for each hole! Think you can still beat your opponent?

Putt Putt Plink

Approach the “hole” of this game carefully! Knock down two targets before you can take a shot at the “hole.”


You won’t want to miss a shot in this game! If you do, use a MulliGUN and get a second chance at making the shot.

Backspin Bogey

Take trick shots to a whole new level! Don’t be the first shooter to spell in this back-and-forth challenge.


A speed shooting challenge! The first shooter who can knock down the middle Airgun Golf™ ball wins.

Chip Shot Sniper

Put your shooting skills to the test in this long-range distance challenge. Lowest score wins!