Go head-to-head in this speed shooting challenge! The first shooter who can knock down the middle Airgun Golf™ ball wins.

Set up three golf balls on the left and right side of the range (six total) at equal distances. Place one more golf ball in the center between the two sides of the range. Two shooters will step up and knock down the three balls on their respective sides as quickly as possible starting from the outside in. Once a shooter has knocked down their three balls they will yell, “FORE!” and attempt to knock the center ball down. The first shooter to knock down all four wins.

The Rules:

  1. Set up 6 Airgun Golf™ balls downrange with 1 ball in the middle (total of 7 balls).
  2. Standing side-by-side, each shooter will attempt to knock down three targets before shooting the middle ball.
  3. Once a shooter has successfully hit 3 golf balls, they yell “FORE!” and attempt the middle ball.
  4. First shooter to successfully hit 3 golf balls and the middle ball wins.
  5. All games will be self-officiated on the honor system.
  6. Match – best 2 out of 3 games.

Here are some suggested distances that you can start at, but consider challenging yourself to greater distances:


  • 10 yards
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35


  • 25 yards
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150