Caddy Hack

In Caddy Hack, you’ll use different airguns to shoot at an exploding Airgun Golf™ ball with only your off hand. This caddy doesn’t deserve a tip at the end of the day!

This game is best if you own multiple airguns. Whoever can hit the golf ball first at a predetermined distance using their off-hand in the least amount of shots, wins. You must use a different airgun for each round, always using your off hand. You can use the same airgun during the game, just not in back to back rounds. The shooter with the lowest number of shots, after a 6 round game, wins.

The Rules:

  1. Set up 12 Airgun Golf™ balls downrange, each time putting two at the same distance.
  2. The first shooter is picked with a coin toss.
  3. Using their off hand, the first shooter will attempt to hit the ball.
  4. Once the first shooter has hit their golf ball, the second shooter will attempt to hit theirs.
  5. In the next round, a different airgun must be used then the prior round.
  6. All games will be self-officiated on the honor system.
  7. The person with the least amount of strokes (shots) wins.

Here are some suggested distances that you can start at, but consider challenging yourself to greater distances:


  • 10 yards
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35


  • 25 yards
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150