Backspin Bogey

Take trick shots to a whole new level! Don’t be the first shooter to spell in this back-and-forth challenge.

Can you shoot an Airgun Golf™ ball holding your air pistol upside down? How about shooting over your shoulder using a mirror? In Backspin Bogey, if the opponent cannot duplicate a successful trick shot, they receive a letter. The first person to receive all five letters of B-O-G-E-Y, loses.

For Example: The second shooter must duplicate the first person’s trick shot if it is successful. If the second shooter misses, he/she receives the letter “B”. If the first person’s shot is missed, the second shooter may attempt any trick shot. If his/her shot is made, the opponent is obligated to duplicate it. Each time a shooter misses a shot that he/she attempted to duplicate, a letter is “awarded”.

This game is just like the basketball game “HORSE.”

The Rules:

  1. Set up several Airgun Golf™ balls downrange.
  2. The first shooter is picked with a coin toss.
  3. Trick shots can be attempted with any type of airgun.
  4. No shot may be attempted twice in a row from the same spot to give the opponent 2 consecutive letters.
  5. All games will be self-officiated on the honor system.
  6. Match – best 2 out of 3 games.