Golf will never be the same!

Take a whole new swing at the game of golf with Airgun Golf™ exploding golf ball targets! These specially designed golf balls explode upon impact and emit a harmless powder – letting you know you’ve got a hole in one.

Whether it’s a back nine brawl among buddies or a long-range shootout over hundreds of yards – Airgun Golf™ will up your accuracy game. Simply load up your airgun and take your best shot! No long irons needed.

Airgun Golf

Airgun Golf™ Games

Caddy Hack

The caddy keeps picking a different gun for each hole! Think you can still beat your opponent?

Putt Putt Plink

Approach the “hole” of this game carefully! Knock down two targets before you can take a shot at the “hole.”


You won’t want to miss a shot in this game! If you do, use a MulliGUN and get a second chance at making the shot.

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